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Welcome to A/R Design, where Pitt County's native, Avis Twilley, is transforming homes with her unrivaled interior design expertise. With 17 years of experience and a deep-rooted understanding of local aesthetics, Avis has made A/R Design the leading choice for discerning homeowners. Experience the best in interior design, where every space is a personalized work of art.

Meet Avis Twilley

A seasoned professional in the world of interior design with an impressive span of 17 years in the industry. She is the proud owner and operator of A/R Design LLC, a firm renowned for transforming spaces into breathtaking realities. A native of Pitt County, Avis has a deep understanding of local tastes and the diverse design needs of her clientele.

Beyond her keen design aesthetic, Avis Twilley of AR Design & Interiors excels in project management. Understanding its integral role in design, she ensures clients remain engaged and informed every step of the way. Avis manages each project meticulously, blending creativity with organizational prowess for a seamless, enjoyable process that results in extraordinary spaces.

Avis firmly believes that every home holds the potential to be beautiful and it is her mission to unlock this beauty in every project she undertakes. Her unique approach to design is built on the foundation of functionality, aesthetics, and the individual personalities of her clients. Avis's commitment to delivering exceptional results has made her a trusted name in the interior design sphere.

Her work transcends the ordinary, reflecting a harmony of comfort, elegance, and personal touch that breathes life into any room. With Avis Twilley and A/R Design, rest assured that your space is in the hands of a visionary who is dedicated to making your home as beautiful as it can be.

Focused on Elegant and Simple Design

At A/R Design, our philosophy is centered on the principles of elegance and simplicity. We believe in creating spaces that balance minimalistic beauty and sophistication, ensuring an outcome that is as comfortable as it is visually stunning.

"We should aim to have beautiful homes, but the world defines a beautiful home based on aesthetics and cosmetics. That is like a white-washed tomb.

As a Christian, a beautiful home has everything to do with the love and service within"

Experienced and Poised

With 17 years in the interior design industry, we bring to each project a legacy of skill and refined aesthetic judgment. This expertise, combined with a poised approach, ensures every space we create is a timeless masterpiece.

Personalized Touch

Avis Twilley understands that every home is unique, just like its inhabitants. That's why each A/R Design project begins with a deep understanding of the client's preferences and lifestyle. This personalized approach helps us create spaces that truly resonate with the people who live in them

"A house with happy children will have a few toys on the floor.

A kitchen that provides homecooked meals will have dishes in the sink.

House that are lived in will look .....well.... lived in!"

Embracing Local Aesthetics

Being a native of Pitt County, Avis has a deep understanding of local aesthetics. This insight guides her design approach, as she masterfully incorporates local elements in a way that respects tradition and also embraces modern trends. This commitment to local aesthetics helps make each A/R Design interior feel like it truly belongs.

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